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Website Maintenance Costs

Website Maintenance Costs

Website Maintenance costs vary depending on the website maintenance package you choose. But are they cost-effective and what are the benefits?

As a website owner you’ve hopefully grasped the fact by now that regular website maintenance is beneficial for your website for a number of reasons. Nobody wants to visit a website that has out of date information on it and the search engines reward those sites that are updated regularly by ranking them higher in their results pages than websites that are rarely maintained and left online to gather virtual dust.

What is website maintenance?

Take a look at your website. Do you still have that special offer from 2009 on the home page? Is your copyright dated 2012 or older? Do you have animated graphics anywhere on it? And are your email addresses going to members of staff that no longer work for you? These are just a few indications that you really need to update your website and is a leading reason why many websites under perform online, especially against competitors. Small, simple changes on a regular basis not only show your visitors that you are still in business… they show the search engines you are too.

Can I afford regular website maintenance?

Sure you can! There are a few ways you can go about updating your website regularly. You could choose to do it yourself. But you’ll need to be disciplined and make sure you update the content on your website at the very minimum once a month. More is better though. Calculate how much your time is worth and you’ll soon be able to get an idea of the costs involved if you decide to do it yourself. You don’t need to know HTML or any other form of coding to update the content on your website, especially if it has a Content Management System (CMS) built in such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. Bespoke ASP, PHP or HTML websites may require you to edit your content locally before uploading via FTP however.

You could hire a website developer to work from your premises. This can be expensive however as you’ll need to pay a basic salary, employment taxes, pension, sick pay and holiday pay. So this can quickly end up costing more than the benefits you’ll gain from the increase in traffic and sales from the higher search engine placement you’ll get from the work your in-house developer is carrying out.

The third option is to find a website maintenance company that will work with you for a fixed monthly cost (luckily, Elite Website Services do just that!) that is both affordable and effective. Our website maintenance packages start from as little as £30 +vat per month. That’s less than £1 per day! Our top website maintenance plan costs just £240 +vat per month which is less than £8 per day. Much cheaper than hiring in-house…!

Benefits of regular website maintenance

Ok, we’ve taken a look at what website maintenance costs but what are the actual benefits? Well, you’ll be providing a higher level of service to your customers, old and new for a start. They’ll appreciate the new content on your website rather than the old, out of date stuff you had before. Your website will benefit from a higher search engine ranking than your competitors too, especially if their website is left unattended. Each time you update your website you leave a time stamp on the server that the search engines will pick up on. It tells them when your page was last updated and, if they notice these changes happening regularly, will send their robots out to index your content more frequently to look for additional or changed content. Your higher organic search engine placement means more free traffic to your website which in turn leads to more interactions and, most importantly, more sales. The most successful websites on the internet are updated constantly providing their users fresh, new content which ensures they come back for more!
Monthly Web Maintenance Costs

How to get started

So, now you’ve seen that regular website maintenance costs less than you think and understand the benefits, how do you get started? If you’ve decided to use Elite Website Services to help then congratulations on making a great decision! You’ll be joining a growing number of businesses that made that same choice too. Your next step is to contact us via phone on 01362 470472 or use our contact form. We’ll need a few things from you including your website address, admin area login (if you have one) and your sites hosting account login details. Once we have these we’ll get started straight away. Although we provide website hosting services you don’t need to transfer your website to us.

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