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Web Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Maintaining a website can be time consuming and daunting, especially if you have no knowledge of HTML, FTP, SEO and other web related terminologies.

Website maintenance is critical to any websites success yet many website owners fail to carry out even the smallest amount of maintenance on their website once it has been built. But why?

What is website maintenance?

To fully understand why a website is often left neglected and unloved we need to explore what website maintenance is. Most website owners have a limited understanding of how a website works and even less knowledge of what regular tasks should be undertaken in order to ensure their website runs smoothly.

Thankfully you don’t need to be a website expert to get a website online. Most people turn to companies such as Elite Website Services to build their website for them. They tell us what they want and we go ahead and build the site to their specifications. Where we are different to other web design agencies however, is in our approach to what happens once a website has been built. We focus very much on educating our clients on the importance of regular maintenance of their new website to ensure it delivers the results they are looking for.

Regular website maintenance is a vital, but often overlooked, aspect of running a successful website, be it a small brochure style website or a full e-commerce website with hundreds or thousands of products.

Website maintenance can be viewed as anything from correcting typo’s and changing content to adding new content or products and ensuring updates are installed whenever required, especially if the site is built on an open source platform such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento or Prestashop to name a few. Regular back-ups are also important to mitigate against hacking attacks or server issues.

How often should website maintenance be carried out?

Ideally a website should receive regular attention to ensure it delivers the best results for the owner. Regular attention ranges from monthly to daily depending on the size and complexities of the website in question. A basic HTML website with a few pages might only need a few hours maintenance per month but those few hours could pay dividends to the website owner with regards to higher traffic from search engines. A larger, more complex site, might require a few hours maintenance each week for it to reach its full potential.

Think about a website as a shop for a moment. If you run a shop you’ll more than likely have a window cleaner who visits regularly in order to keep your windows clean. You may have a cleaner to vacuum your carpets every day (or you may do it yourself!). These are a couple of regular tasks that a shop owner will be more than familiar with. Why? Well, how would the same shop look if the windows were dirty and the flooring covered in rubbish? What sort of impression would that leave with their customers? And how many of those customers would eventually move onto the shop down the road that took the time to carry out those tasks?

Now think about your website. When did you last login to the admin area if it has one? When did you last update any of the content on any of the pages on your website? Chances are it was more than a month ago. When a search engine visits your website it is looking for new content and rewards those sites that are updated regularly with a higher ranking on its Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The reason it does this is because it wants to send its users to websites that have fresh, relevant content rather than out-dated, irrelevant content that might put its users off using their search engine in the future.

Low Cost Website Maintenance Services

As you can see, regular website maintenance is important. Whether you do it yourself, hire a member of staff to do it for you, or hire an outside company like Elite Website Services, hopefully you’ll get into the routine of doing it just as you would for anything else. But, unlike the quick fix you see when you clean your windows or vacuum your carpets, don’t expect the same instant results with your website. It will take time and effort but the rewards will be greater online visibility, more traffic, more enquiries and, ultimately, more customers.

Website Maintenance Packages

If you’re too busy or are unsure of what you need to do to maintain your website, don’t panic! Elite Website Services offers a range of website maintenance packages starting from a ridiculously low price of £30 +vat per month! Check out our Website Maintenance packages and decide which one is most suitable for you. Then, contact us and we’ll get to work. It really is that simple!

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