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Web Design Costs

How much does a website cost?

One of the first questions we’re asked by prospective clients is “How much does a website cost?”

Web Design Costs

Getting a new website designed and built can be a bit of a minefield. There are lots of things to consider including costs, functionality and styles. We’re often asked how much a website will cost before we’re given enough information to price a project up, so we have put together this handy article to help explain what you should consider when looking for website design quotes.

Imagine for a moment you want to buy a new car. You’ve probably already decided on the colour you’d like. And the size of the engine, number of doors, age and, most importantly, what budget you have to spend. You’ve probably taken a tour around some local garages and looked online to see if you can find the car you want.

Ultimately all cars essentially provide the same function: To transport you and your passengers from A to B in safety and comfort. Yet you can spend anything from a few hundred pounds to a few hundred thousand pounds to buy a car. Why? Because each car model is different from another. It could have a bigger engine, leather interior, 4 wheel drive, a more efficient engine… the list goes on.

Building a website is much the same. Web design costs vary depending on the type of website you are looking for. Do you want a template based design? Basic HTML? E-commerce facilities? Limited functionality? Or are you looking for a bespoke website with scripts and databases powering the front end user experience?

Basic HTML Web Design Costs

Basic template based HTML websites don’t require as much work to design and build as more complex database driven, e-commerce websites so the cost is lower for these types of projects. However, costs can rise if you want your template based design changed slightly. But if you want a bespoke website (one that has been built to your specifications) then the cost will rise due to the extra time and expertise used to design and build your new website. Prices for a basic HTML website vary between a few hundred to a few thousand pounds.

Content Managed Website Costs

WordPress, Joomla or Drupal based Content Managed Websites add much more functionality to your website but this comes at a cost which is calculated by estimating the amount of time a designer will spend modifying these systems to match your requirements. Prices for a Content Managed Website (CMS) vary between a few hundred to a few thousand pounds.

E-commerce Web Design Costs

E-commerce websites are generally database driven and can be built from scratch (adding to your costs) or on a pre-built e-commerce platform such as Magento or Presta Shop. Again, you could keep costs down by using a quality template which can be edited or you can have a bespoke design built to work on whichever platform best suits your needs. Prices for an e-commerce website start from a thousand pounds and increase depending on variables such as payment processor integrations, stock database builds, shipping methods and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) integration, to name but a few.

Bespoke Web Design Costs

Specially built and programmed websites using complex Java scripts to add functionality and special effects can cost many thousands of pounds. The amount of work required to build these sites is reflected in the cost but these costs can easily be recouped once your website is live and online. Prices for a bespoke website can start from a few thousand pounds and rise depending on the complexity of the coding required.

As you can see, web design costs vary greatly depending on what you ultimately want your website to look like and do. Ultimately how much your website costs depends on many different factors but fundamentally it all comes down to one thing. Budget.

The first step to getting your website online is to decide what budget you have available. Elite Website Services will work hard to deliver your website and keep your project as near to your budget as possible.

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