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SEO. Why it matters and why you need it.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation to give it its full name, is a process where a website is optimised in order to help improve its rankings on Search Engine Results Pages or SERP’s.

This process is entirely ethical if carried out correctly and is even encouraged by Google and other search engines as it helps them promote good quality websites for their users.

However, cutting corners or trying to cheat the search engines can land you in a whole heap of trouble which could ultimately result in your website being banned from the results pages on many search engines.

So how do you know that the company you’ve entrusted to carry out this important work is being ethical and is not risking your online visibility?

Here’s a tip: If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Don’t be tempted to go for the cheapest option promising fast results. If your website is UK based and an offshore company is offering unbelievably low rates to do the same job as a UK based SEO company, ask yourself if it’s worth risking the penalties that can be dished out if your website is found to breach the search engines strict terms and conditions. Also ask if they have a strong enough grasp of the English language as spelling mistakes can be costly.

Or, think of it another way. You need a new car. You want it to transport you from A to B safely, economically and in a degree of comfort. A quick online search will show you lots of ‘Sponsored Ads’ (we’ll come onto these in a bit), and even more links to various websites on the main search results. Let’s say you’ve got your heart set on a BMW 320d. It’s nippy, economical, safe and has a prestigious badge. You have a £10,000 budget although you don’t mind spending a little more if the right car comes along. You find 2 cars that match your requirements perfectly. One is being advertised with 35000 miles, has electric windows, lots of airbags, CD player, Air-con, built-in Sat-Nav and leather seats. It has plenty of power and is red and has no service history. We’ll call this one car A. The other (which we’ll call car B) is a year older, has 50,000 miles, electric windows, lots of airbags plenty of power and is also red, but lacks the additional spec of car A, although it does come with a full main dealer service history.

Car A is being advertised for £6,500ono as its history shows it’s been involved in a collision in the past.

Car B is being advertised for £10,995 and has been independently inspected by the AA and is HPi clear.

Which one would you go for? Car A is cheaper, has a better spec but can you be 100% sure those repairs have been completed properly? Car B is slightly over your budget, is a little older, has done more miles but has obviously been looked after and has been independently verified as being sound.

Did you choose car B? We know we would! It ticks all the right boxes and we can be confident that it will last so our initial investment will be worth it. Car A could well end up costing us a whole lot more than we would have saved if we’d gone for that one.

SEO is exactly the same. Cheap SEO might appear to be just what you need. It won’t break the bank, it might get you more visitors and it might get you on page one or two of Google in the short term. But what happens when it goes wrong? How much is it going to cost to repair any damage poor SEO work has caused? Realistically it could cost 3 or 4 times more than you paid to get your website in the mire it finds itself in!

We like to think we approach SEO differently. We know what works and what doesn’t and we always work ethically. We don’t cut corners and we have never seen any of our clients websites dropped or penalised by any search engine in over 14 years. We understand the complexities of the search engine algorithms, we adapt when changes are made and we provide our SEO clients with a transparent, easy to use SEO account where they can track the progress of our work.

In fact, we’re so confident of our work that we offer this promise: If your website isn’t showing in the top 20 results on Google, Yahoo or Bing within 6 months of us working on it, we will continue to work for free until it is. In 14 years we have never had to honour this guarantee.

That speaks volumes to us.

Give us a call on 01362 687659 or hit the link below to contact us and see how Elite Websites can help increase your websites visibility online. Don’t fall for cheap imitations. Trust the experts.

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