Dec 11, 2016 / By Elite Website Services

SEO Optimisation

SEO Optimisation, or Search Engine Optimisation to give it its correct title, is something that Elite Website Services has been doing since 1999.

Search engines are constantly updating their complex algorithms so they can provide their users with the most up to date and relevant information based on the search terms their users are using.

Back in the early days of the internet it was fairly easy for a website to rank highly on the Search Engine Results (SERP’s) as there was less competition from other similar websites and it was pretty simple to ‘trick’ the search engines into ranking a website highly using a number of what are now considered to be ‘Black Hat’ SEO techniques. Keyword stuffing in the meta tags, cloaking text so that it was the same colour as the web pages background and buying a ton of links from ‘link farms’ meant a website could soon be ranking for any number of keyword phrases with very little effort on the part of the website owner.

The search engines gradually updated their algorithms to combat these SEO Optimisation techniques and over the past few years have begun penalising websites that fall foul of their guidelines. This has meant that websites that are well built and adhere to guidelines set out by the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are more likely to rank highly in the SERP’s than those that are poorly coded and are using SEO techniques that the website owner thinks will give it an edge over its competitors.

Elite Website Services use safe ‘White Hat’ optimisation practices that have been refined and improved over the years. We don’t try to trick the search engines into ranking websites highly in their results pages – we work within their guidelines and improve each website we optimise and then carry out regular optimisation both on-site and off-site so that it naturally rises in the organic search results.

Our tried and trusted Search Engine Optimisation services take time to bear fruit so we provide all of our SEO clients with an optimisation report each month which details progress we are making. We don’t promise what we can’t deliver and work tirelessly to ensure we deliver results that last.

See our Search Engine Optimisation page for more details and call us on 01362 470472 or drop us a message via our contact form today.

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