Dec 16, 2013 / By Elite Website Services

Responsive Web Design

Web design is a constantly evolving industry. What is new today may very well be obsolete in 6 months time with new techniques and standards constantly being written and published.

Are you mobile friendly?

Keeping on top of these changes is challenging but also immensely rewarding and our design team relishes each new development as they become available.

One key area that has really taken off in 2013 is the importance of ‘responsive’ design. This is where a website automatically resizes itself depending on the device the user is viewing the website on. What works well on a 27″ monitor also needs to work as well on a mobile phone screen so navigation is as simple and intuitive as possible.

As more websites are accessed via mobile devices it is important that the website owner is ensuring their website is accessible to this growing audience. We take this seriously and factor in mobile devices whenever we start working on a new project ensuring it is ‘responsive’ by design and nature.

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