Jan 14, 2014 / By Elite Website Services

Managed Websites. What are they?

Let us take the strain

Managed Websites are a great time and money saver…

Running a business isn’t easy. You’ve got customers to serve, stock to manage, premises to maintain and possibly staff to look after. At the end of each day how often do you promise yourself that you’ll log into your website to make some much needed changes? And how often do you actually fulfill that promise?

You’re not alone. Many businesses go to the expense of having a professional website built and put online with every intention of updating it every day with new products, services and the latest news on what’s happening in their business. Unfortunately though time constraints or lack of knowledge can sometimes mean that a website can be left untouched for weeks, months or even years.

This can cause problems as out-dated websites with stale content that aren’t regularly updated will not be indexed as often by Google or other search engines. A website that is properly managed and updated regularly will perform far better than those that aren’t.

But updating your website content is just one part of managing your website. Have you backed it up recently? Are you active on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Linkedin?

So what do you do? You could ask a member of staff to look after the site for you, although this will take them away from the job they were originally hired to do. Or you could employ a member of staff to manage your website for you. This can prove to be quite costly though!

At Elite Websites we offer a Managed Website service that addresses all these issues. We’re good at what we do, are experienced and knowledgeable and we take pride in delivering great results to all of our clients, regardless of size. We’re UK based so will work when you do (although we do work late too!) and our prices are a fraction of the cost of hiring a member of staff to do the work we do.

Our Managed Website services include domain name renewals, content changes on your website each week or month (depending on your chosen package), social media posts (to help keep your audience engaged), blog posts (if you have a blog) and regular backups of your website. To see a full list of all our Managed Website services click the link below.

Our Managed Website packages start from £29.95 per month and include website design and build if required. Choose which option is best for you and call us on 01362 470472 to discuss your website needs in more detail.


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