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Cheap Website Design

Cheap and Cheerful?

Cheap website design doesn’t always mean a client wants an expensive, feature rich website without investing realistic sums of money. So, what is ‘cheap’? Here’s the official definition:

‘Low in price, especially in relation to similar items or services.’

Other words that can be associated with ‘cheap’ are: inferior quality, poor, low value and inferior.

So, what is a ‘cheap website’?

A website can cost as much or as little as you are willing to spend on having it designed and built. At Elite Website Services we cater for a broad range of clients from start-up businesses to established corporates. Start-up business tend to have very little funds available to invest in a top quality website with lots of functionality. For larger more established businesses, investing thousands of pounds in a fully functioning website, with bespoke programming and functionality, is not a problem and at Elite Website Services we can accommodate both start-up businesses and larger clients.

A cheap website design service can be defined in a number of ways… A client might just want one small page with some text and a couple of images on it to allow customers to find out a little more about their goods or services. A site like this would typically cost £99 +vat to design, build and host (we host hundreds of websites via our hosting site Elite-Hosts.co.uk). It can also be completed within 24 hours. Just because the cost is low however, doesn’t necessarily mean this is a cheap website design. It’s just that the client doesn’t need any fancy functions built into their website which means the cost is much lower due to the amount of time it takes to build such a site and so the investment needed isn’t as high as a more complex website.

If a client asks for more functionality, a contact form or slider for example, then the time required to build these additional elements into the site increases the price. By asking what a clients budget is before we get to work, we can ensure that the website we build is both affordable and effective depending on the clients requirements. We can still design a nice looking site which would be lower in price in relation to similar websites which, according to the definition of ‘cheap’ is just what the client is looking for. The end product might not have all the bells and whistles that a website costing thousands would have, but if the client doesn’t want those elements, why pay for them? Cheap website design doesn’t always mean a client wants to scrimp on quality and at Elite Website Services we are more than aware of this fact.

We strive to deliver customer satisfaction to each and every one of our clients whether they have a large budget or a more modest one. We take pride in what we do and like to think we go that extra mile to ensure our clients experience of our work is surpassed. We’ve been pretty successful in this approach so far!

So, if you’re looking for a cheap website design service but also want a website you can be proud of, Elite Website Services has you covered. Fill in our short Website Quote Request Form and we’ll get back to you with a quote for your new website within 24 hours.

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