May 9, 2014 / By Elite Website Services

7 reasons to update your website

Website Maintenance is a pretty low priority on many website owners to-do list

But keeping your website and its contents updated regularly are essential if your website is to achieve what you want it to achieve.

We’ve put together a list of 7 essential reasons why you should keep your website updated regularly:

1: Your customers deserve it

Your website is often the first port of call for your customers, new and old. They expect to see content that is relevant to their query such as opening times, directions, special offers and products/services you offer. That promotion you ran 4 years ago really shouldn’t still be on your website…

2: Your business deserves it

You’ve probably been working hard keeping your customers happy and building your business up over the past few years. You’re rightly proud of your achievements and know that in order to grow you need to keep ahead of your competitors. But all that work you’re doing in the real world needs to be reflected in the virtual world too. Updating your website regularly shows you care about what you do and want your customers to know why they should choose your business over your competitors.

3: Search Engines love new content

If your website is languishing in the depths of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s) then the chances are you’re missing out on an awful lot of free organic traffic sent to you by the search engines. A website that is unloved, out of date and poorly maintained will be hidden away in the lower pages of the SERP’s. Studies show that most people rarely click past page two of any of the SERP’s so if your website is on page 37 you’re unlikely to be found. Websites that update their content on a regular basis are displayed much higher in the SERP’s as the content is more likely to be more relevant to the searchers query. Search Engines know this and reward those sites that are not neglected.

4: Keep your visitors interested

Regular updates on your website mean you can be THE place to visit online for your industry. If you’re updating the content of your website regularly and your competitors aren’t, your customers are more likely to trust you over them.

5: Keeps your website running smoothly

If your website maintenance regime is consistently adhered to, external links don’t link to erroneous pages, your images load and your contact forms work, your visitors will be able to find what they are looking for much more quickly and easily. This in turn will increase conversion rates of visitors into paying customers.

6: Keep with the times

Web technology never stands still and is constantly changing. What was relevant back in 2010 when you had your website built is probably not quite so relevant now and might even be causing issues with search engines and the functionality of your website.

7: Stay healthy

Malware is a major issue for all website owners. Hackers can, and do, gain access to a websites server and upload malicious files that can compromise your visitors computers. Regular website maintenance will detect any breaches of security and remove any threat.

So, are you keeping your website up to date? Or is website maintenance one of those jobs that just never seems to get done?

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